Yonzy - Easy file hosting

Offering a simple one click file hosting solution

Share your files, anywhere, anytime.

Unlike some other file hosting services out there, free users can enjoy blazing fast download speeds.

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PPD Rewards Program Combo

Earn money every time your files are downloaded.

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Tons of Storage

Yonzy offers 1TB of storage for every user

More space for all your files.

Get 1TB of storage for free just for registering! Unused files last for every 20 days if not downloaded.

With 1-click file copy, you can save any shared file from another Yonzy account to your own with just a single click!

Manage Your Files

Uploading multiple files with Yonzy is quick and easy.

Our users have the option of simply

dragging & dropping files to begin uploading.

Copy public files to your account with a single click.